We, as the Central Finance and Contracts Unit, we transfer our 21 years of experience in management of European Union funds to our stakeholders through the CFCU Academy. We continue to develop and improve continuously with the trainings we have provided to 350 people from 12 different institutions so far.

CFCU Academy;

  • Provides trainings on project management and EU funds to public institutions, private sector organizations, NGOs, universities, municipalities and other institutions in Türkiye.
  • It enables all institutions in Türkiye to benefit more effectively from the European Union and external funds.
  • With the trainings it offers to IPA actors, it contributes to the more efficient functioning of the IPA system and the development of national capacity on IPA.
  • Through in-house trainings, it strengthens the capacity of employees and gives them the opportunity to advance in their careers.
  • It acts as a companion for potential beneficiaries to easily adapt to the project world.
  • CFCU Academy's portfolio includes different training topics for each stage of the project cycle.

CFCU Academy offers many different training opportunities within the framework of Project Cycle Management, procurement methods with PRAG Rules, project management steps with PRAG Rules, PRAG Rules and EU funds.

Sharing the Wisdom of the CFCU

CFCU Academy

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